• Letterhead & Envelopes

    Get a custom 8.5" x 11" letterhead designed tailored for your ministry to mail out when you need to communicate with other people and churches. Envelopes are #10 size with your logo or name printed on the outside.
  • Missionary Website

    Have somewhere you can let people know about you and your family online!  For missionaries only, you'll get a domain, hosting, and a website for $99 + $75/month.  You don't have to try and piece a website together using Wix or Squarespace.  Let us make you a professionally designed one tailored to your family and the country you are headed to.

    Don't worry about your website having outdated information!  We'll make additional changes each month as well as upload your prayer letter!

  • Prayer Cards

      Prayer cards are one of the easiest ways to let visiting churches know about you as well as give them the opportunity to pray for you on a regular basis with this reminder.  Our prayer cards are printed on a 14pt gloss coated cover with UV protection.
  • Tablecloths

    Having a nice colored tablecloth helps bring your display together.  We have several options available that can meet every budget. Available options: Plain tablecloth ($25)- 60" x 102" & 90" x 132" Fabric Table Runner & Plain Tablecloth ($62)- Have your logo or name printed on a 30" x 72" runner that lays on top of your plain tablecloth. Custom Printed Tablecloth ($170)- This is a full-size tablecloth will fit an 8-foot table to the ground with your logo or name printed on the front.
  • Tabletop Displays

    A pop-up tabletop display is a great way to present your ministry when visiting churches on deputation.  Each display pulls up easily making set up a breeze.  When you are done, the case folds up quickly and fits in the carry case included with each display. Available sizes: 15" x 24" fabric popup display ($125) 23.6" x 36" fabric popup display ($206) Complete Set: (2) 15" x 24" & (1) 23.6" x 36" displays ($413)